Sopra Banking Product Suite

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Sopra Core Banking Solution

PNC  is the sole distributor and reseller of SOPRA Banking Software in Nigeria.

SOPRA is a global leader in banking & financing software. It is an API-first comprehensive banking solution, available as custom or ready-to-use; a fully open, secure, and high-performance core banking software to run any type of bank giving you assurance and control over your banking operations in regulated markets, unlock new business opportunities, and embrace challenges in a quickly changing market.

End-to-end; a modern solution with well structured and fully integrated modules for retail, business and corporate banking. Bundled with the Sopra Digital Experience Platform, DxP, it brings together the robustness of a proven and integrated core banking system and the flexibility of a digital technology platform in one real-time, secure, and future-proof solution.

Sopra Core Banking helps our clients differentiate themselves from competitors, launch products and services faster and compose their operations based on their needs.

Our current offering provides a broad range of capabilities and even has the ‘highest number of modules/components with emphasis placed on the system’s architecture and openness.

Overall, Sopra Core Banking is sound and ready to tackle future business and current customer needs because it is built to help clients differentiate themselves from competitors, launch products and services faster and compose their operations based on their needs with planned functional, technological, and architectural enhancements for the Platform.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that maintenance and total cost of ownership are under control by bringing clients close to the standard product evolution in a way that boosts performance.

We listen and engage with clients and their ecosystems to enable digital transformation in a rapidly changing environment. Over 800 customers in 70 countries can testify to this.

Sopra Remittance Solution

By relying on SBS’s Open Banking Platform the banks can bypass SWIFT/ specific cross border solutions.

Remittance Solution- Send money across borders without hassle & in a shorter time

Support diaspora customers with easy and cost-effective remittance

Our Sopra Remittance Software is a  faster and more secure digital solution with an attractive remittance value proposition to local and diaspora customers in today’s Nigerian market with a waning cultural preference for cash.

It is a single platform using open banking technology to help customers manage seamless remittance transactions between their overseas and local accounts.

It shortens the remittance journey by eliminating the conventionally long process involving multiple intermediaries while transitioning financial institutions from a structure of shared fees to full ownership of remittance fees.

Our API-First Approach; Digital ready solution  ensures seamless integration with existing Core Banking Solutions and offers

  • Boost in revenues and access to foreign exchange reserves
  • Lower cost transaction costs
  • Safe, secure, faster execution of international transfers
  • Diaspora customers the ability to send money from a wide reach of almost 3500 Banks in Europe and the United Kingdom relying on Open banking licence provided by Sopra Banking Software partners in the  EU.
  • Increase volume of diaspora customers
  • Technology from a world-leading financial services software company.

The role of key Open Banking features in Sopra Solution

Account aggregation &Position overview

Customers can Aggregate diaspora accounts to their Nigerian mobile banking app and get access to a broad range of account data and quality, real-time financial information from banks and financial institutions across  Europe.

Budget management & insights

Build smart, intuitive Personal Finance Management applications that give your customers tools and personalized insights to better manage their finances.

Payment initiation

Allows customers to safely initiate payments and transfers from their accounts – from their bank’s app or website.

Data Categorization

Transform raw, unfiltered financial data into valuable information. We categorize transactions and provide insights for delivering better data-driven services.

Sopra Lending Solution

The Sopra Lending Solution is a digital-first, API-ready core banking agnostic platform built to transform banks’ loan management cycle.

Cover the full lending lifecycle solution from origination to servicing and collection with Sopra Lending Solution

  1. Loan Origination
  2. Loan Servicing
  3. Collection Management
Whole loan cycle  Highly flexible  Lower your Risk
From origination, to commitment, servicing, payoff & collections  High-volume products & structured big tickets    With fast, integrated & configurable scoring for retail & commercial finance. Link to external sources with ease.

Cover your full range of lending products


The Sopra Loan Solution is effective and highly scalable solution built for very high volumes handling and totally adapted to mutualized loan portfolio servicing for multiple credit business lines and/or multiple banks

It has real time automatic controls, dynamic GUI only providing necessary data, possible simulations on financial updates and available to do list.

A specialized credit management tool with very powerful calculation engine, able to manage any kind of loans:

  • Fixed, variable, reviewable rate
  • Multi-disbursements
  • Total or partial grace period
  • Redemption with several possible phases
  • Multi-types of redemption: constant, progressive, degressive, bullet.
  • Multi-types of frequencies: periodical, seasonal, on demand
  • Multiple elements in the instalment amount: principal, interest, insurances premiums, fees
  • Late interests and penalties calculation.

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