Information Technology Outsourcing and Managed Services

Optimizing Technology, People and Process

Our IT Outsourcing service for supports clients’ IT Departments in the following domain areas :

  • IT Project Management support
  • IT Application and Platform support
  • End-user support activities, and
  • Website Management.

We offer robust support and maintenance services in IT Services, end-user IT devices and supporting systems to enhance the uptime and performance of services, devices and systems based on an agreed systematic approach to how the activities will be performed.

We have an excellent IT Project Management track record and topnotch expertise in executing IT Enterprise Infrastructure Management, Maintenance and Support of IT Equipment from major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs.  

We leverage our immense experience in the management of IT Services and Work Tools to render the service to our clients.


Our Company maintains a quality management system that ensures that we exceed clients’ requirements by deploying the most efficient tools and methodologies while providing a safe and healthy work environment for all stakeholders.

We recognise the need to sustain this awareness amongst stakeholders; as such we consider our Quality Assurance framework is embedded deeply in all aspects of the company’s operations and the individual contribution of employees of those operations.

The company is committed to a mandatory monitoring and review programme to provide essential training to employees  to support this policy

We ensure that every member understands is familiar with and understands our  Quality Manual and complies with the policies and procedures laid down in the manual and associated documents at all times.

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