About Us

Welcome to PN Consulting Limited

A Dependable IT Partner, system integration and Technology project management company with a quintessential personality.

Who Are We

We have proven expertise in the installation, deployment and
customization of software for the automation of business processes for
financial service institutions. We offer end-to-end  IT services  from  consulting, integration to outsourcing. At PN Consulting, we assist clients to translate concepts to reality. 



Our Mission is to help our customers “Deliver value beyond Technology”.

To become the choice provider of information technology solutions that help organizations and businesses manage and improve performance.

What We Do

Our Core Process


Value Leadership and Action

Our actions are driven by the need to do the right things and the very best that we can to add value to clients.


Relentless Innovation

We relentlessly create Innovative, appropriate and sustainable IT services that add value and improve the satisfaction level of our clients.


Managed Services and IT Consultancy

PN Consulting team has extensive experience in enabling business growth through innovative technology solution design and implementation – Nigeria and Ghana



Our collaborative and open approach to work ensures that we have deep understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives



Our team with extensive technology knowledge and experience will be deployed to bring the best of PN Consulting and accelerate the delivery of the solution.



Our strategic relationships and deep understanding of the local market requirements will help to accelerate value creation to the client and mitigate delivery risks.

Why Choose Us?

There comes a time when execution is more important than theory. We at PN Consulting will assist to translate those theoretical ideas and thoughts into reality. With our combined professional experience, we seek to bring the safest and best available technology solutions to bear on your service enhancement and profitability. We will facilitate the transfer and deployment of proven technology solutions worldwide to problems and applications in Nigeria where such solutions can demonstrably increase profit, reduce cost, sustain production or assured efficient service delivery

IT Organizations & Processes, Network Architecture, WAN & LAN, Core Banking Application, E-banking Strategy framework Design, Framework for Channel Infrastructure and Project Management

E-banking Strategy Framework Design; E-business Unit Re-organization and Processes & Product Optimization, as well as  New card Products Design and Implementation.

ICT Application testing on the World Bank- office of the Auditor General for the Federation (WB-OAUGF) Economic Reform and Governance Project(ERGP)

Deployment of SOPRA Core banking solution and Agency Banking infrastructure

Our strategic relationships and deep understanding of the local market requirements will help to accelerate value creation to the client and mitigate delivery risks

Team of  Core ICT expert with combined experience of 40 years. Our core management team is made up of professionals with deep IT experience in Nigeria and Ghana 

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For more information, business consultancy as well as other inquiries, we will be glad to hear from you.